We help break-the-ice between singles

Brezaa is a dating app designed to make the dating experience less awkward and more fun through true or false personalised icebreakers and a smart intelligence matching system.

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Breaking the ice is a breeze

We've developed a fun true or false game to help you break the ice and start a conversation with someone you like. Stop wasting time thinking of ways to introduce yourself.

Pick one of our tested and approved Icebreakers and start something special today.

  • Higher response rates
  • No more generic introductions or lame pick up lines
  • No more fear of not knowing what to say

Shared Interests

Brezaa helps you make stronger connections

No more searching for love by looks. Brezaa connects you with people you are more compatible with. We use well-designed preference statements and clever algorithms to find you your best match, then all you have to do is start the conversation. We even give you a hand with that, with our true or false Icebreakers.

Brezaa also lets you see your shared interests at a glance, to help you filter potential matches.


We are working very hard designing a new app with two exciting new features: Just Meet and Dating Spots.

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